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Welcome to Saba Poolad Business Group

The creation of SAPO Group brings together business with outstanding market presences which enhance and complement each other.

Together, we offer our customers a range of quality products and services which are unmatched by our competitors. We serve a broader spectrum of customers, in more places and by more means of access and delivery than other companies active in our business fields.

Making this possible are the people of Saba Poolad Business Group  ,around many people located at SAPO Group  head quarter and its affiliated companies across Middle East including qualified experts in international business and  experienced managers to manage its business across the Middle East and beyond.


With a network of affiliated companies and distribution partners stretching across Middle East countries, supported by state of the art manufacturing and processing facilities of our suppliers, we are well placed to deliver a full range of product solutions and services to a wide range of customers.

Our teams are continually sourcing the best procurement and product solutions from around the world to make a customers' life easier, which means fast track projects, and savings in both time and money.

Our people are focused, and eager to challenge the way we do things as part of everyday business. It's just another sign of our commitment to provide customers with superior service, smarter procurement solutions and exciting innovation.


Some of our main activities